Friday, February 19, 2010


The white deer are actually albino deer. The native Americans referred to them as Ghost of the Forest. I have not been lucky enough to see one myself. If you do it will be something you will never forget. People who have seen them say that they look like ghost deer.

In Boulder Junction Wisconsin they are seeing more and more of these herd of deer. From what I have read its because the locals feed and protect them. What I found unusual is that they have been seen with babies that are brown or white. They have pink ears and noses. Some have pink eyes and some have blue or grey eyes.

Jeff Richter and John Bates has studied and written a book called White Deer Ghost of the forest. In his book there are tons of pictures he has taken of these elusive deer. I hope that when people read this book they will see how special they are and that we need to preserve these beautiful creatures.

I have added this link to John's book. Read and enjoy.

WATCH this amazing video of Ghost Deer in the wild:


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